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What does Acupuncture treatment involve?

Acupuncture Southampton: treatment session

The first session

In the first acupuncture session, which will last for between 1½ and 2 hours, you will be asked for some details of your life, including your medical history, energy level and lifestyle, to give some idea of the quality of your health.

Other factors considered in the diagnosis include the nature of your symptoms and how they manifest, the appearance of your skin and tongue and the feel of your six pulses on each wrist. Sometimes a physical examination will be included as part of the diagnosis process, which could involve, inspection, checking the movement range and/or palpation of the affected area and/or the channels. Subsequently several points are chosen for the treatment.


The treatment itself

The treatment itself Treatment will generally include gentle insertion of needles to stimulate Qi, and they may be removed immediately or left in place for between 15–20 minutes. Other techniques, including cupping, moxibustion, guasha and tui na, can be used alongside the insertion of needles. Further details are on the next page.


Further sessions

Follow-on treatments will last up to an hour and will aim to improve the original main complaint but also focus on any conditions present on the day. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are not static, evolving from treatment to treatment.


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