Guasha treatment taking Acupuncture pulses



open quote Cristina's sensitivity, warmth, kindnest and wisdom are a joy to be around. Just being in her presence gave me a sense of calm, safety and well-being. Acupuncture was an unknown to me, and the healing affects are amazing. My very great thanks to Cristina for acupuncture treatments received. close quotes

Julie W

open quote Acupuncture is not something I have ever had before but I througly recommend. Cristina has such a lovely aura. She has helped me physically and mentally through a journey on which I never wanted to go. close quotes

Laura H

open quote With my second pregnancy I started off very, very sick suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, but thanks to your treatments I managed to have an almost normal pregnancy. Soon after the first treatment I was able to drink water and to eat a sandwich and to digest it! That was a real miracle remembering that I hadn’t been able to eat or drink for days. You have not only have been an amazing acupuncturist but also a real friend and what I have most appreciated was your honesty, only wanting to treat me when needed.
It is incredible how effective acupuncture has been in preparation of the birth and in relieving the birth pain. The points that you have marked on my body worked very well, instantantly eased the contraction pain. How incredible!
 I would definitely come back and for the future I will use acupuncture instead of traditional drugs!close quotes

Rosa G

open quote I had a course of Acupuncture with Cristina which has made an incredible difference to me dealing with the side effects of medication and moving forwards with life. Cristina is incredibly warm and caring and I will continue to see her

Thank you close quotes

Elaine H.

open quoteWords cannot express how you have helped me. When I went into see you I was suffering a lot of pain. When I came out I felt like a new women.

Thankyou for your time and help through my illness.

Once more thank youclose quotes

Jo D.

open quoteI sought Cristina's help at a very difficult moment in my life. I was deep in depression, to the point that everyday living seemed a never ending torture. The most alarming were the psychosomatic symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome with severe weight loss and fatigue, insomnia, headaches, irritability and long standing extremely painful periods. I was struggling to do my job despite also having the best psychotherapy available.

   I asked Cristina for help in spite of being a sceptical, conventional doctor with preconceived ideas about alternative, holistic therapies. Four months after seeing Cristina I was balanced, content, enjoying life, free of depression and its associated physical symptoms.

   My experience was a gradual improvement that seemed to build with every treatment. I have nothing but praise for Cristina 's dedication, care and professionalism. The therapy she offers could not be further away from the 'one size fits all' approach.close quotes

Alexander C.

open quote I have had two sessions of acupuncture with Cristina and the wonderful needles and massage has calmed a lot of hip and knee pain. I would like to take her home!! close quotes


open quote When I was 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). After 1 year of trying to conceive, I made an appointment to see the GP who referred my husband and I to the Fertility Clinic. After many tests and scans I was given a 6 month course of Clomid to encourage ovulation. After this leaving me with nothing but an aching lower back, a friend mentioned that acupuncture can help with fertility issues. I was at a stage that I was willing to give anything a go.


I started treatment with Cristina in April 2015. and learnt more from Cristina about my PCOS in the first session than I had over the past 10 years of seeing doctors.  In the 1st month of treatment, Cristina encouraged me to change my diet and to separate myself from any stress. I saw Cristina 1-2 times a week, documenting the rhythm and changes within my cycle.


I continued going to the fertility clinic alongside acupuncture. In the 2nd month of my treatment with Cristina, my husband and I were referred to have IVF, the consultant saying that I was an ‘Un-identified case of infertility’.  Cristina advised me that acupuncture works well alongside IVF treatment and helps to maintain pregnancy, so I was more than happy to continue my sessions while we awaited a date.


It was the middle of July when I found out I was pregnant! After just 3 months of treatment with Cristina I had fallen pregnant naturally, after 2 long years of trying. There was nothing quite like the feeling of calling the IVF clinic to cancel!


I continued treatment throughout the 1st trimester of my pregnancy, having an early pregnancy scan at 7 weeks to check everything was ok with the foetus. During the scan the consultant showed me that my ovaries were clear of cysts and I am currently not suffering from PCOS. Now, 1 year later, I am a happy mother after giving birth to a perfect and beautiful girl, conceived naturally.


I am sure, that without acupuncture treatment it would be a different story. I can't thank Cristina enough for her help in my journey to become a mother and will be eternally grateful.close quotes

Victoria B

open quote I met Cristina for the first time in August 2013. I was looking for a treatment that would ease the discomfort and restricted movement in my left shoulder due to arthritis. During the first session Cristina gave me a very thorough examination and asked me lots of questions. She explained what she was going to do and spent time checking with me at each stage of the treatment.

   After just one session, I had an increase in movement and reduction in the pain. As the treatment progressed, I was able to move my arm and shoulder freely and without pain. Cristina took great care to check progress and my health at each session.

   I would recommend that people try acupuncture; it is virtually painless and for me, was very effective. Cristina is an empathic and caring therapist close quotes

April G

open quoteWhen I first went for Acupuncture I was a bit sceptical but after seeing Cristina I was genuinely amazed at the effect. Almost immediately my chronic digestive and fatigue symptoms eased and they have not returned to the same degree since. I would highly recommend giving it a go! close quotes

Christopher H.

open quoteI suffered with a very stiff lower back when getting out of bed. I was afraid to try to move – the pain was so bad. My chiropractor suggested I have a consultation with Cristina. After three treatments of acupuncture and massage I am now able to get up from bed and move freely with no pain. I can thoroughly recommend Cristina to help with back pain.close quotes

Rosemary M.